August 20, 2021

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Coaching Enablement is the Answer - What is the Question for Call Centers?

By Shari Tishman, Head of Marketing at VoiceOps

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Here at VoiceOps we talk a lot about coaching enablement. This is because we know without a shred of doubt that coaching is the single most critical success factor for today's call center teams. And the hard truth is that despite major investments in call processes and technologies as well as training and coaching programs, most companies still struggle with slow or nonexistent performance improvements and high variability between reps.

So here's the question: how can call centers create levers for revenue growth and cost reduction that provide more than small, incremental results?

The answer is coaching enablement. By making coaches more effective you will drive increased adherence across your team for the behaviors that actually matter for your business and your customers (check out this post to learn more about behavior adherence and driving behavior change). This will lead to increased conversions and revenue,  lower attrition and ramp times, and even more incredible customer experiences on the phone.

Don't take my word for it, though. The VoiceOps founder and CEO, Ethan Barhydt, does a much better job telling this story. I recommend spending a couple minutes watching this video. I bet Ethan will inspire you to want to learn more about coaching enablement and VoiceOps.

Click below to learn more about how VoiceOps works with customers on coaching enablement. And if you're interested, you can request a demo.

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