May 26, 2021

Auto Finance

The Value of Behavior-Based Coaching: Insights from an Auto Finance Webinar

Shari Tishman, Head of Marketing, VoiceOps

Webinar with Westlake Financial and VoiceOps

Buying a car is one of the largest purchases many people will make in their lives. It makes sense, then, that customers have come to expect and even demand a personalized, trust-based experience from auto lenders.

The rising importance of this sort of consultative seller-consumer relationship is found across many industries these days. The extraordinary proliferation of information that’s available for anyone who is researching a purchase like this - even before they ever come in contact with the business - makes the experience a customer has once they do interact with you even more critical. 

So you’d better make sure your agents have the training, support, and capability to provide the best possible experience for customers during the purchase and financing process.

In January 2021, VoiceOps was joined by two experts from Westlake Financial to discuss how behavior-based coaching helps agents across auto lending teams focus on what’s really important: having authentic, high quality conversations with customers to improve performance and increase revenue.

Here are a few of the topics that were covered in the webinar:

  • What is behavior adherence and why does it matter? (And why are so many new VoiceOps customers surprised when they finally start measuring it?)
  • The difference between call-based vs. behavior-based coaching.
  • How Westlake Financial implemented behavior-based coaching for their agents and saw measurable (and exciting) results that clearly impacted key business metrics.

Get access to the full webinar recording for more details, including practical steps for transitioning to behavior-based coaching.

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