July 16th, 2021

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What is Coaching Enablement - and Why Does Your Team Need It?

Insights from Always Be Coaching Session 2

By Shay Etches, Strategic Marketing Manager at VoiceOps

John Doe - Email Marketing Manager @ Yourbrand

On Thursday, June 24th 2021, the Always Be Coaching webinar and podcast series hosted the webinar, “What is Coaching Enablement - and Why Does Your Team Need It?.

In this second session of the webinar + podcast series we heard from Ethan Barhydt and coaching enablement expert, Wendy Roth, as they explored the common barriers to effective coaching, the key elements of a successful coaching enablement program, and the impact that coaching enablement can (and should have) on your team.

The key topics covered in this session included:

  • Why coaching is important in call centers and on high volume teams

As customers are becoming more demanding for personalized and consultative experiences, the need for great conversations is increasingly more important - but great conversations are hard. Done right, coaching can be your competitive differentiator.

  • The two critical elements required to face call center coaching challenges

Tackling increasing customer demands and agent performance gaps requires two important elements: a strong coaching strategy and effective coaching technology. These two pieces make up coaching enablement, and most teams don't have them. 

  • What a world with coaching enablement looks like

Building a coaching enablement program with strong strategy and technology creates a cascading effect for better conversations, stronger relationships, and improved overall performance.

To gain more insight into why coaching enablement is essential for your teams, access the full on-demand webinar here.

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